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Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
05.12.2013, 22:01 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 05.12.2013 22:50 von Sacajawea.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
14.10.2013 auch dieses ist von male scammer
Re: AW: Fw: Hello
14.10.2013 13:15 Uhr
Von: Ethan Vyse
The words that you have expressed to me were the words that I have wanted to hear for many years. And now you are willing to prove everything to me to make us happen; then I am willing to be patient to see where we go. I want for the both of us is to be happy. I want you to be my back bone, my soul, and my air that I breathe. I want to see us grow old together if that is what you are ready for. I want to feel like I have known you forever, Maybe what I am saying is crazy or just a fantasy but I know that it a dream to me.

Is that too much to ask? It's crazy how we are friends and now we bump heads and we are both looking for something. I want to have these deep feelings for you, Is that bad to feel this way? Well, Babe, I can say in my own words, "You got something, Baby." From day one, I knew there was something in you that no other girl had. You are the most AMAZING girl and thinking back to the strange way we met, how we are growing so close in just a few short while, and how you were the first one to show me what i have been mising all this while, it makes me smile and fall all over for you again.

Baby, you make my heart beat faster each time I get an email from you , and you give me butterflies. You are the one I want to hold for the rest of my life. In your arms is where I belong. I pray and ilook forward to the day when we can be together.

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05.12.2013, 22:04 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 05.12.2013 22:47 von Sacajawea.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
29.10.2013 aus Versehen mit Kyle unterschrieben

Re: AW:
29.10.2013 14:33 Uhr
Von: Ethan Vyse
Hey baby,

Have been really busy for work and sorry I haven't been able to give you a ring or respond to your email! Will do that tomorrow, been a very busy week at work and hope your day has been amazing!

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05.12.2013, 22:05 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.12.2013 10:52 von abu1963.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
29.10.2013 Begründung warum Kyle
Re: AW:
29.10.2013 14:33 Uhr
Von: Ethan Vyse
An: xxx
Hello xxxxx,

How are you? kyle is my middle name and the name my Mom calls me on. How are you managing to cope and move around and get things done? hope your younger son isn't complaining and getting tired as i believe he must have being haha.. Will respond to your previous email when i get back to Ipswich tonight, been away to Liverpool for a work seminar but back home today and will respond to your mail. Hope you are not stressing too much

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05.12.2013, 22:08 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.12.2013 10:53 von abu1963.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
25.10.2013 seine Mutter hatte einen Unfall
Re: you
25.10.2013 08:41 Uhr
Von: Ethan Vyse
An: xxx
hello Babe,

How are you feeling? I wanted to call but didn't have enough courage to after failing you, so many things happened at the same time and it just go me too busy .My mom is getting better, she's responding well to treatments thank you, she has got a dislocation on her hip and the Private nurse who will be taking care of her will resume tomorrow and as for my daughter, she's getting well and for work, my holiday starts in 4 weeks for 2 months, 2 weeks, so its quit extremely busy at the office, trying to get everything sorted before i begin my holiday in November.

How are you your son's doing? sorry to hear about the pain you going through, how long did the doctors say it will take to heal? taking any good pain relieve tablets?

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05.12.2013, 22:18 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 05.12.2013 23:04 von Sacajawea.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
23.10.2013 nur noch für fb
Hello xxxxx, sorry i havent been able to message you and i know i have no excuse but i have been really busy as my mom fell off the stairs and have been in the hospital for days now and my daughter has been very ill... I promised to call and i will.. please am sorry

thanks cutie
you dont have to worry about my sick family, you are the one am worried about

01.11.2013 das erste und einzige Telefonat, es gab immer Ausreden
hello babe
i didnt go off
i was on phone with my network operator
i have tried calling you but the calls wont go through
i dont know why, they are trying to resolve the issue
i didnt go off or ignore you
of course not, i loved your voice and the way you say "no, no"
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05.12.2013, 22:21 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 05.12.2013 22:34 von Thor.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
just got home now
i have been with my mother at the nursing home all day
and thats what i am sorry for
for not getting in touch with you all day

My day was alright, just tired and stressed really but its alright, Mom is doing alright, she want to come back home but I would want her to fully recover before coming home! Brought any back today from her moms cousins plans where she spent her holiday
Yeah that's good to know, just read your messages now! You should sleep! Why can't you? My day was good and my trainees were good and very eager to learn, which made it easier for me and fun day! Get some sleep baby and december is just few weeks away and am sorry to say this, Annie said if she don't come along to germany, then there's no way am coming hahaha
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05.12.2013, 23:07
Beitrag: #22
RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
sorry for last night, its my fault and i understand how frustrating it is for you to wait for me all day to talk to me, am really sorry for the disappointment. I woke up thinking about everything that has been going on so far, how busy i have been and you have always been there.. Its been amazing and I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I do love you and how close we have became in such a short period of time. We may not have known each other long but our love is strong and it means everything to me.. I'm glad I found you and I hope we spend a lot more happy times together in the future. Thanks just for being here for me I love you more than words I could say.
Ethan Vyse
14.11.2013 08:36
Ethan Vyse
I know I can't give you the whole world, but I can promise you I will always love you. My heart is yours, and even though I know I’ll make mistakes, I will never break your heart. I’ll be right beside you as we chase our dreams together, and you will never have to wonder if I still care. I think about you all day long
Ethan Vyse
14.11.2013 08:36
Ethan Vyse
my mind is consumed with thoughts of being close to you again
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05.12.2013, 23:11
Beitrag: #23
RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
17.11.2013 fb
i think you need to be confident in your self and stop looking down on yourself
i have never said to you that i dont like you
i have never made any complains
but you make the complains for me
Its my money and if you are not comfortable with me offering to help then its fine, i was only trying to be that man
you are only concentrating on meeting first, have you ever thought about life after meeting?
to be honest, i was hurt when you refused me from coming because you cant walk, its always been about the date for you.. think more beyond the date
maybe german men are different but am very different
i want a life partner, someone i can share everything with
not just the date or first time of meeting
but you get access to bank loans ?
am asking all this because in case of emergency, what will you do
because i offered to help and you sounded aggressive.. so i thought maybe you too independent
so i would say you live on your salary
and it goes as it comes
which i know its tough
especially being a single mom
i remember how hard it was for my mother when she was bringing me up
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05.12.2013, 23:21
Beitrag: #24
RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
Hello baby, sorry i couldnt come back to you last night.. I have a busy day and am shattered but i thought id send you an email before i go to bed.. Hope you had a wonderfulday.. I have been thinking of you all day and i just want to say i appreciate you for your kindness and openness to me.. Thank you for all your wonderful emails and the sweet things you say to me, i am really grateful and hope this feeling never goes away. In life, we receive a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love. Love comes in many forms. You love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life. Love is a very powerful word and can describe a multitude of feelings, but its main context carries the same meaning. I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms, only to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything and you, my everything.. You are the one I want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thinking of you makes my heart feel full. You are such a source of inspiration for me.. Good night and sleep well xx

nxt week, going to russia by friday
Only gone for a week anyway

Hello, baby, sorry was just busy preparing for my trip this weekend.. I can fly to Stuttgart, the flight has been taken care of by my company and have to come back here to report before my holiday starts. So will come to Stuttgart on the 6th as planned and i will stay for the weekend because will have to bring Annie back to the UK but i will come back to Stuttgart few days after and we can spend time together more...
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05.12.2013, 23:26
Beitrag: #25
RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
23.11.2013 fb
Hello baby, wow I am glad they can finally come and fix the bathroom then. Do enjoy yourself at the dinner baby have a good time , I would be thinking of you and missing you like I always do. Work is okay just really cold here but I am always here for you baby you have my undivided attention that I can assure you off just been really busy and I hope you can understand that baby , how is your day going so far ? I can't wait to be with you babe you the best thing that has ever happen to me in a long time thank you for coming into my life you have changed my life completely you gave me the happiness I never knew before , you always put smile on my face with you message all the time baby I miss you so much I love yoi.....

You have to be careful with your legs baby , I wish I am there to take care of you now baby , but I be with you soon , I am in st Petersburg and it 5pm here now baby I think it 2 hours difference with you baby it about 5 c here now of course baby I would tell you anything you want to know more about my work , I would tell you everything because I will always share everything with you babe. I miss you so much and I can't wait for me to have my lips on yours I love you so much

aww its a shame you couldn't dance but maybe when i come we would be able to dance together.. Its 4am here and i just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep and i thought id check if you are back and online because it should be around 11pm in German and you normally awake at this time and luckily, i had your message waiting for me.. Nicest feeling ever to have a message from someone you love at the middle of the night..
Ethan Vyse
24.11.2013 01:12
Ethan Vyse
Get some good night sleep and always remember i love you

Hi baby I am going to bed now just want to say I love you so much and good night , it nice you had a nice time with your friends family , I can't wait to be there with you baby . Of course we would come with winter jackets babe and it be nice if we go out shopping together too baby, you so sweet and romantic baby I love you so much do have a lovely night rest baby we would talk in the morning I love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

2Good morning baby how are you doing today , hope you had a good night baby , I wish I was there with you too baby but very soon I would be with you and you won't have to miss me or wish because I would be there with you and we can do everything we want and always wanted baby , please take care of yourself for me baby I love you so much. I would be thinking of you all day because you thought is always in my head anywhere I go and whatever I do6.11.2013

Hello Honey, was suppose to leave for the UK tomorrow but the date has been extended till Wednesday 4th, so plans changed, i will be coming down to Stuttgart from russia and then go to the UK after a few days to get Annie and we could then come back to Stuttgart for a couple of weeks as Christmas holiday starts pretty soon. You are a miracle, each and every day with you I treasure in my heart. Every beat of my heart fills more and more with your love. You are the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out. You filled that hole in my heart that has been missing for years. I love you; thank you. I hope I make you as happy as you make me. To me, Love, you are perfect. Perfect to me, everything about you. The beauty inside of you is miraculous. It is beyond what nature could ever possess. You are more beautiful than anything I have ever seen in my life. Just take a look in the mirror and you'll know what I am talking about. Thanks for being there, thanks for loving me, thanks for being you. I love you with everything I am. no words, no gifts, nothing can ever express how much I love you, but you know how much that is
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05.12.2013, 23:34
Beitrag: #26
RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
Hello Honey, good morning
babe are you there?
need to talk to you about something
let me know when your online
i miss you too
they giving me more roles at the seminar and its making too busy and tired
i miss you even more and more
thanks for the smile and joy you make me feel
i love you

its nothing to do with you, just family issues

and i spoke to my mom but she said i shouldnt worry about it but you know mother something

She's in a care home and they need some money for one medications that the NSH dont cover but the thing is, have tried getting it to her this morning but no success, they dont allow people send money outside the country for security reason which is stupid. Could you please help me send some money to her if you can and i will pay you back the money when i come?

dont worry yourself if you cant

the money is £360 pounds
dont know how much that is in euro

i have got my bank card and everything with me
no its fine, i think i have some amount in my bedroom but not sure if its upto that amount
will ask annie to go have a look for me and get it to her but still not sure it will be upto
like roughly how much do you think you could spare till i come?

No not at all honey, just hold the money and we see what happens by monday
but there are money gram offices in Stuttgart you could use at anytime?

ok, if i could find you an office close to your post code, do you think you could make a transfer today or monday?

oh right, you know what, dont worry about the money, i will come see you next week and maybe then you wouldnt have doubt
am not mad, it just seem you dont even believe me
am gonna rip you off of how much? 200 euros? that was insultive and as i have said, dont worry about it, if you want to help you will and if you dont feel comfortable doing it then dont, i dont need to prove anything to you
just forget about it and pretend as if i never asked you for this kind of favour
Its fine and am not angry, ok?

Its fine honey, sorry to hurt
lets just forget about the money
would i ask you if i didnt need you? but right now i feel ashamed and you dont need to be sad, am sorry

I understand that your only protecting yourself (from me)
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05.12.2013, 23:43
Beitrag: #27
RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
hello babe, how are you? Happy New month..
what time are you going to work tomorrow?
why would i ignore your message?

Good morning baby , do have a good start of the morning , I love you and I would be thinking of you until I can be with you baby xoxoxoxo

Hi baby you there
I need you now ASAP
I need your help babe

Okay baby , honey my compare has still not book my ticket but i have been assure it would bz done before the end of the day and i will have it sent to you instantly honey, meanwhile they need some money at the carehome for my moms life baby
I hate bothering you but you all i have got to ask baby but it okay if you decided not to help baby i wont blame you if anything helps to her anyway
I love you and you mean the world to me

Yes i was suppose to be travelling today but my company hasn't book my flight yet baby , no it was not enough baby but it okay if you dont want to do anything about it baby

Okay sorry keep your money it yours , I can't force you to do anything outside your wish

You dont have to be sorry when she means nothing to you
She id not important to you I guess so it okay
I will never do such to you okay

I will never say i can't help you when you need my assistance when Clearly you know i can , you just dont want to , how would you feel if something happens to her when you know there was something you could have done to pervet it from happening tell me would you be happy ?

I hate when you rub it on my face that I ask you for money that so unfair , at some circumstance you do what you have never done before, and now you even make me more ashamed and disappoibted in myself , it gonna take me courage when we meet because you already see me as à Man that cant take care of his problems i guess

Of course i want to come nothing will ever change that not even if you dont do anything to save my mom life , i just feel ashamed because you can never ask me money but me I asked you i guess that was stupid of me , i feel so disappointed , dont worry about the money it really a big shame to me, i know that wasnt your intention but that how i just felt when you will never ask me for anything

t all the same because I ask you when we where not already living together that makes me feel more disappointed in myself and myself , and I have probably disappointed you too , I am Sorry baby I am not sure I want you to send the money , I want to be respect for the man I am when we together , the money is about 350 pounds I guess you dont have it too, so dont worry yourself

I am not dissapointed and will never be it not my money at first and i still wont be disappointed even when you do and till didnt want to because at the end of the day it your money , i will always tell you how i feel because you everything to me someone i feel i can tell anything and you always be there to advice and support me i love you endlessly

Okay baby please be careful honey drive safely okay , and i see you soon , should i tell them you send some money to them tomorrow morning honey ?
Okay i talk to you when you get to work baby i love you so much baby xoxoxoxoo

If that what you want because you dont want to help out , you also important to me but since you dont want to see me anymore that fine i wont force you

I love you , I am a man with my Word I want to see you and I make sure i see you , i am trying to see if i can get anything to sell here and come up the money , I know you have the money and dont lie to me it only when you lie to me i dont Like it , I prefer you tell me you cant help than tell me you dont have the money okay
Ethan Vyse
04.12.2013 14:30
Ethan Vyse
I would talk to you later bye

End of story. Ich hoffe es hilft irgend jemandem, dass ich einige der Mails und fb messages hochgeladen habe. Ich persönlich kann nur hoffen, dass solche Menschen irgendwann die Strafe dafür bekommen, mit den Gefühlen anderer Menschen zu spielen !
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06.12.2013, 11:44 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.12.2013 11:54 von abu1963.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
Ich fürchte, das Ganze sollte ich noch ein paar mal lesen...

Einige Dinge sind mir jedoch schon jetzt aufgefallen:

1. Das Ganze ist eigentlich trotz all der "gefühvollen" Worte, recht unpersönlich!
Außer am Beginn, wird nie ein Vorname als Anrede verwendet.
Klar, es erleichtert den Ablauf für die Scammer, nicht immer andere Namen einkopieren zu müssen.
Ich frage mich, wie ich mich fühlen würde, immer nur als "baby" angesprochen zu werden...

2. Der Gute soll ja anscheinend einen recht guten, festen Job haben.
Warum sollte er dann nicht ein kurzes Gespräch mit dem Lohnbüro führen können, um den benötigten Betrag für "lieb Mütterlein" von dort zu erhalten?
Ein Vorschuß könnte ja vom folgenden Gehalt abgezogen werden! Oder mit Spesen verrechnet, wenn er öfter unterwegs ist...

3. Die Reise nach Russland.
Ausgerechnet Russland! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Es wäre sehr interessant, die E-Mail Header vergleichen zu können... Rolleyes
Auch dort gibt es selbstverständlich die Möglichkeit Geld zu versenden, auch ins westliche Ausland.
Wenn der Gute in St. Petersburg war und sich dort ständig aufgehalten hat, sind dort bestimmt ordentlich Spesen zur Verrechnung angefallen.
Auffällig in diesem Zusammenhang ist noch seine kleine Rechenschwäche (falls er nur in St. Petersburg war!):
Einmal stellt er einen Zeitunterschied von 2 Stunden fest, ein andermal schreibt er, dass es 4 Uhr morgens sei und in Deutschland 23 Uhr... HuhHuhHuh
Das würde der Zeitzone von Kasachstan oder Ekaterinenburg (+0600) entsprechen. ExclamationExclamationExclamation

4. Die Sprache
Da es sich eindeutig um Scam handelt, stellt sich die Frage woher!
Selbst wenn einiges nur per Drag & Drop in die Nachrichten eingefügt wurde, bleiben doch etliche kurze Nachrichten, die selbst geschrieben wurden.
DAS sieht nicht nach einem Scam aus Afrika aus, dafür ist die Sprache zu gut!
Eher nach einer Scammerbande, die über eine eigene psychologische Beratungsstelle verfügt!
Und die finden sich oft bei russischen Scammerbanden...
Überhaupt ist das Ganze von der Anlage, dem Aufbau her, eher Osteuropäern zuzuordnen.
Afrikaner sind da viel zu ungeduldig (weitere Bemerkungen dazu erspare ich mir und der Leserschaft, es gäbe da noch einiges zu sagen...) Angel

Mal sehen, was mir bei nochmaliger Lektüre zu dem Typen noch einfällt... :-/


Hat der Kerl keine Bilder mitgeliefert?
Falls ja, stelle sie bitte noch ein, oder setze Dich deswegen mit mir in Verbindung!
Auch wegen den Headern der Mails...
Du siehst, auch die können wichtig sein. ExclamationExclamationExclamation T_h_a_n_k_y_o_u

Es hat sich bewährt, an das Gute im Menschen zu glauben, aber sich auf das Schlechte zu verlassen.

у меня есть красивая подруга!
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06.12.2013, 12:35
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
Hier noch die Facebookprofile:

[Bild: aryanarkses.jpg]

[Bild: vyse179svh.jpg]

[Bild: vyse2cas75.jpg]

Letzteres wird wohl bald verschwunden sein, da wurde heute Nacht bereits fleißig dran gebastelt....

Interessant ist, dass sich Ethan Vyse am 14. Juni 2013 bei Facebook angemeldet hat,
Kyle Aryana mit seinen 2 Profilen am 17., bzw. 18. November 2013...

Seltsam und :v_e_r_d_a_c_h_t:

Es hat sich bewährt, an das Gute im Menschen zu glauben, aber sich auf das Schlechte zu verlassen.

у меня есть красивая подруга!
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06.12.2013, 13:06 (Dieser Beitrag wurde zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.12.2013 13:22 von abu1963.)
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RE: Kyle <k.aryana@outlook.com> <ethanvyse@yahoo.com>
Die Texte finden sich bei


Leider ohne die zugehörigen Header....

Das Bild des netten Kyle Aryana findet sich bei


Leider ist die Seite kostenpflichtig, um alles richtig nutzen zu können..... ExclamationExclamationExclamation

Zitat:One month registration fee is $14.99 only

Eine Menge Geld...

Es hat sich bewährt, an das Gute im Menschen zu glauben, aber sich auf das Schlechte zu verlassen.

у меня есть красивая подруга!
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