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Violet Torres <ladyvee38@hotmail.com>
13.12.2016, 03:13
Beitrag: #1
Violet Torres <ladyvee38@hotmail.com>

Zitat: ladyvee
- 38 y/o woman
- from Madrid, Madrid, Spain
- English, Spanish, English
- seeking a man from 33 to 43 y/o

Last logged in: 2016-12-04 04:42:10
Profile views:55 Photos added:1

Hello hansom how are you today? your profile here got me attracted and i felt like to write my words of expression to you. My name is Violet Torres, a US citizen of age 38, i am a young and vibrant lady full of energy. I love swimming and sitting out to enjoy nature during my free time, i love cooking too. I will like to tell you more about me privately but will appreciate it much if you can drop your own words for me via email (ladyvee38@hotmail.com). Thanks in anticipation while i wait for your mail.

[Bild: 178086_1_901410jul3.jpg]
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13.12.2016, 03:14
Beitrag: #2
RE: Violet Torres <ladyvee38@hotmail.com>

Zitat:ladyvee : supper love

Ciudad madrid, Madrid (España)
Zodiaco Acuario
Zodiaco Chino Caballo
Estatura 163cm (5'4")
Edad Mujer de 38 años
Aspecto con cabello Negro y ojos Negros

[Bild: 178086_1_901410jul3.jpg]
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13.12.2016, 20:01
Beitrag: #3
RE: Violet Torres <ladyvee38@hotmail.com>
Hello dear,

Thank you for making out time to write me, i will start by first introducing myself to you. My name is Violet Torres, a Sargent in the US Army, i am 38 years old and i am the only child of my family. Unfortunately i am now an orphan, i lost my both parents in a plan crash on there way for a vacation 8 years ago, since then i have been alone with few of my friends in the military. I seek acquaintance with you because i seek a sincere and honest person for friendship/ business partner and if possible marriage.

I started my education carrier in the military school and i studied Nursing there in the military school and have been in the military for more than 18 years with 10 years of experience in the medical field. All through my life i have lived like a soldier and my friends too are all soldiers though i have very few friends.

I am a US citizen and i work with the US Army. At the moment am on peace keeping mission in Syria and i have always been in my best attitude. I have been committed to my job and i have always tried my all best to keep to my military oath.

To be honest with you, of recent, i have been faced with this fear of losing my life. This is some thing i have never felt for one day since the time i joined the military. This very fear of losing my life here is what brought me to the idea of reaching out to you for an assistance because i have concluded to quite military.

My dear friend, i have a very big challenge on how to start a new life if i should quite military now because i will be relived off my duty without any benefit of any kind, that means i will go with nothing.

My beloved friend, right now i am planning to quit military and relocate to another country and start a new life because here in Syria the attack on us is so much and the situation is not getting any better. The worst of it all is the resent attack in our camp that caused the death of three (3) of our soldiers and there were my best of friends, and seven (7) others seriously injured.

My dear friend, right now i want to ask you for a favor, i seek your assistance to help me relocate to your country so that i can start a new life there. I have a box containing cash (Money) in it that i registered with a security and shipping company and i will like you to help me receive this cash box from the company.

The money in the cash box is my share of a money my team (Odyssey Dawn) discovered when we where in Libya on a peacekeeping mission. When we found this money, my team (Operation Odyssey Dawn) agreed to share the money among our salves and to keep it as secrete. Out of the total money, my own share is $4,560,000 ( Four Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand united states Dollars) and i am seeking your assistance to help me evacuate my share of this money out of this region to your country for safe keep on my behalf, as i hope to meet you as soon as possible.

I did not have the chance to evacuate this money to my country because we were transferred from Libya to Syria were i am now, so i registered it with the security and shipping company for save keep. All i want from you is to help me receive this money from the company (Express Delivery Company) where i have registered it as a box containing family treasures. I registered it as family treasure because i do not want anybody to know the actual content of the box. And it will be delivered to you legally through a diplomat.

I am ready to compensate you with 25% of the money in the cash box if you assure me that my money will be safe and intact if delivered to you, as this is my last hope for a new beginning.

My dear good friend, one passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter to a third party, as this will jeopardize all my effort for a new beginning if there should be any form of leakage of this information and it will be dangerous to me based on my position in the Army. I promise you a safe and risk free delivery of this package to your home in your country only if you keep this discussion between us. Also, i want to let you know that here in the military zone (War zone) we are not allow to make use of private mobile phones, we only make use of a radio message (walkies talkie) and email communication so please let us continue communicating through email for the mean time

Thank you for your time as i wait for an immediate reply as regards to my appeal, your urgent reply will be highly appreciated.

Big Hug from a distance
Violet Torres

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From: Violet Torres <ladyvee38@hotmail.com>

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