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Yinxi <> - Dixie - 26.09.2013 20:46

thank you for showing an interest in me, and give me your e-mail.

First I introduce myself.

My name is Yin Xi. I'm from China. My English is not good, I now use translation software to write to you.

I was a civil servant, working in the finance department, therefore, it could be said that I was an accountant. I am a person's life, sometimes I feel very lonely, you will feel lonely? I have been single for over two years, I have been tired of being alone.

But my introverted and shy to stop me to create relationships with men. I hope that the network can help me overcome my passive. I hope I can find a understand and respect me.

I hope we can become friends, may our friendship is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, I hope we can talk more, wait your reply.

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RE: Yinxi <> - Dixie - 29.09.2013 02:35

Thank your reply, I try to understand you, but not fully understand your letter.

ok,I say something about me.I usually like sports, cooking, travel, read book. I want go lot of country , may have the opportunity to your country? Will you be my tour guide?

When I single, men pursue me, but I refused lot, I think most them just like my appearance. Maybe I overlooked some sincere love. But that is the past, from now on, I not want miss any sincere person, because seize every opportunity to get happiness, you think?

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RE: Yinxi <> - Thor - 03.10.2013 03:42

sorry also no know ur leteer well.
I tell you more things right, I hope in the next letter, you can tell me something about you.
I hate loneliness, I want to change a single life, I know what I want happiness.
And I know when I see the man I love, I will take the initiative to open my all to him.
Difficult to describe what I specifically want to love.
This is more a by a feeling, whether the heart, excited.
I am willing to dedicate all my love, I admit that I like love like sex, which is tightly linked.
I know men will like love, but also more like nature, I will consider my idea of love.
Endeavor to meet each other.
Do you think love is to feel? What do you think happiness?

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From: yinxi <>

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RE: Yinxi <> - Thor - 03.10.2013 03:51

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