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Nataly <UID 174747> - Germane - 22.01.2013 15:43

Fake Profil

UID 174747
Full Name Nataly
Birth Year 1982
City Lugansk
Country Ukraine
Sex Woman

To describe myself in a right way I would start with the following features of my character. I am a very passionate, emotional, sensitive, open-hearted, active and optimistic woman. I adore life in all its aspects. I try to find the best solution in every situation and never give up. I am a strong person, I have lots of plans and great dreams and I try to do everything to make all these ambitions come true. I want to achieve much in this life in all spheres: both in private and professional.

[Bild: 174747_b_142501002518u9r57.jpg]

Das Bild zeigt Filmsternchen Ashley Danielle Fareas



RE: Nataly <UID 174747> - Webmaster - 22.01.2013 16:36

[Bild: b_y_elpe7.gif] [Bild: b_y_elpe7.gif]