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Regina Queen <> - Webmaster - 21.08.2012 07:13

Hello Dear, Am Miss Regina Queen,
i like your profile can we be two friends, Friendship is all about move together,cry together ,See things together , and sleep together. Even though they never see each other. Friendship should be just like that,Life is like hell without friends, And Friendship is not only because of feelings or what we have, but because of understanding,sharing and caring. friendship does not think distance,age or even color. friendship is not just playing or chatting with each other. but friendship is hearing each others voice from the heart. A friend is a gift from God. someone who will cares as much as i do, if yes please reply to me then i will send my pics and tell more about me, Kissssssssssss and Hugs from yours Queen

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From: Regina Queen <>

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RE: Regina Queen <> - Webmaster - 21.08.2012 07:17

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