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Natalya <> - Geist - 03.07.2012 19:19



My name is Natalya, I am from Ukraine, from a town in the north of
Ukraine which is called Nezhin. I am 31 years old.I work as an
administrator at a photo salon. I have seen your profile and after
reading it I have thought that it will be very great to communicate
with you.

I am nice and kind girl. In am sensitive and romantic, honest and
sincere. I look for a serious man here as I am disappointed with men
in my country. They do not respect women, they try to make use of them
while giving nothing to them. I do not want to say that I need a lot
of things. I lack only some romance and love in my life. I have many
feelings inside me and I want to share them with you. I think that we
can develop something special between us.

If you are interested in me and want to know me better, want to know
more about my character, way of life, hobbies and so on, I will gladly
answer your letter. Write me here, I wait for it with

Sincerely, Natalya.

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