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Olivia Laura <> - 007 - 22.09.2019 21:18

[Bild: 190583_1_5008938j4i.jpg]

Zitat: oliviawilliam
- 23 y/o woman
- from New York, New York, USA
- English, English, English
- seeking a man from 18 to 75 y/o

Last logged in: 2019-07-21 09:06:29
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hi dear, my name is Olivia Laura william i saw your profile and i decided to contact you for us to become friend and also discuss over an important issue, please this my email contact me here: so i can send you my pictures okay

RE: Olivia Laura <> - 007 - 22.09.2019 21:22

Zitat:Dearest, My dear, I really appreciate your interest to help me so that i will come out from my present situation and start a new life. My Dear i have really suffered a lot in this place and what is important to me now is to leave this place and join you over to your country and start a new life. I strongly believe that with your assistance i will leave this place and start a better life in your country with you. My Dear, i don't have money to prepare my traveling documents and leave this place that is why i want you to assist me so that my late fathers money will be transferred into your account and after the money has being transferred into your account, so you will use to prepare my traveling documents and start coming to your country to start a better life. I have made contact with this bank and let them know my intention to claim my late fathers money which my name appears as the next of kin. In their reply, they told me that i can only claim the money through an appointed representative since i am residing in Senegal as a refugee. According to them, the United Nations law governing refugees all over the world does not permit any refugee to handle such fund as long as he/she remain as a refugee. They told me to look for someone i can trust that will help me claim the money. That is why i contacted you to help me. My Dear i want you to send an email to the bank and ask them the possibilities of transferring the money into your bank account. Here is the contact information of the bank NAME OF THE BANK - BANK OF AFRICA REMITTANCE MANAGER (MR.JEREMIAH HARRISON) TELEPHONE NUMBER IS +221.706149318

[Bild: laura_bently_491_0f7r52kdd.jpg] [Bild: laura_bently_491_0f7r52kwr.jpg] [Bild: laura_bently_491_0f7rxtja5.jpg] [Bild: laura_bently_491_0f7ruwkvw.jpg] [Bild: laura_bently_491_0f7r6zjym.jpg]

RE: Olivia Laura <> - 007 - 22.09.2019 21:24


[Bild: scammer-uba-bank-sene27jp9.jpg] [Bild: scammer-laura-bently-81jc1.jpg]

Zitat:Reports :
Darling, Please contact the bank and forward to them this attached document to transfer the money to your account, and i also appreciate and happy as i recovery i will come over to be with you and have the rest of my life in your country. Here are the bank details below? UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA. +221.784577217 Forward this attached document, contact the bank for the transfer of the money immediately, i so much appreciate, only still having pains at the hospital bed. Regards. Sgt. Laura Bently United States Air Force
----Original Message-----
From: Bank Headquarter Sent: Thu, Aug 9, 2018 9:43 am
Subject: UBA about your offshore banking of funds
transfer from RC 3706110,
Our Ref CTG/TT-98418
Date: 09-08-2018.
Dear Valued Customer,
Welcome to United Bank for Africa Banking (UBA Bank) I hope you enjoy the season with your family.
Thanks for your choice of United Bank for Africa Banking, for your offshore banking of the funds transfer needs in Dakar Senegal.
I am directed to notify you that we urgently need your Bank Account contact details address to enable us complete your transfer program processing of the total US$41,685,009.00
deposited in our bank, United Bank for Africa Banking Sgt, Laura Bently,, authorizing instruction the transfer of funds to transfer into your account.
United Bank for Africa (UBA Bank) Investment Banking wish to advise that you provide this bellow details including the deposit document issued by UBA Bank, of the deposit funds to be sure before credited your activated account for releasing transfer to your account. Bank name:....................
First Name:...................
. Occupation:...................
Home Address:.................
United Bank for Africa (UBA Bank) Banking provides anonymous ATM card services to enable our numerous customers have access to their funds discretely from any ATM location worldwide.
The United Bank for Africa (UBA Bank) Banking will be obliged to welcome your physical presence here in Dakar Senegal, for investment talks with its investment portfolio managers in the areas of United Nation Stock Exchange (UNSE), Europe Money Market, Far East Capital Market & the Middle East Crude Oil Industry.
For further clarification call our Remittance Manager, Mr. Jeremiah Harrison, at our highly secure telephone number at
between 8:00a.m - 4:00p.m (Monday - Friday) Dakar Senegal Local Time.
United Bank for Africa (UBA Bank) Banking is your surest gateway to off-shore banking, funds warehousing, portfolio management, fiduciary & trust services in the Dakar Senegal.
Mrs. Nasir Montgomery
Secretary Private Banking Services
United Bank for Africa (UBA Bank),
-----Original Message-----
From: Laura Bently
Sent: Sat, Sep 8, 2018 2:48 am
Subject: My love, please contact the bank :,
my love,
please contact the bank manager for the transfer of the money, i have read from the bank manager, he said that its you that hold now, to release the transfer of my money to your account, please my love, please i cant wait to join you darling, please help me, do all possible help me so that i will join you my darling and start my future life, please, please. i am single my darling, i did not have any friends here my love please i need to join with you so that i can have more happy life, please try to understand my situation here please do something please. the bank is waiting from you according to the bank manager for the transfer of all my money, please help me, i promise to be with you all in my life we need to plans as am out from here, the condition here is very bad to my life please do something fast to help me, even the foods here is not okay to me, i am passing a lot here, did not even have any penny to buy things, hungry all time, but i am praying for you to help me get me out of this situation i miss you my love thanks i love you regards

RE: Olivia Laura <> - 007 - 22.09.2019 21:26

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