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Fehler bei der Auflösung der IP Addressen bei - Germane - 24.01.2016 16:53

Exclamation Warnung

Bei der Auflösung folgender IP Adresse macht Whatismyipaddress einen gravierenden Fehler.
Anstatt als Ursprungsland Benin, Afrika aufzulösen, wird Bratislava, Europa ausgegeben. Ein ähnlicher Fehler könnte auch bei anderen IP Adressen auftreten.

General IP Information
Decimal:    693562021
ASN:    37090
Organization:    ISOCEL
Services:    Recently reported forum spam source. (1)
Type:    Broadband
Assignment:    Static IP
Geolocation Information
Country:    Slovakia
State/Region:    Region of Bratislava
City:    District of Bratislava I

IP Locator & IP Lookup Basic Tracking Info
IP Address:
[IP Blacklist Check]
Reverse DNS:    ** server can't find SERVFAIL
IP Lookup Location For IP Address:
Continent:    Africa (AF)
Country:    Benin    (BJ)
Capital:    Porto-Novo
State:    Littoral
City Location:    Cotonou
ISP:    Isocel Sarl
IP Address:
Country: Benin
Country Code: BJ (BEN)
Region: Littoral
City: Cotonou
Local time: 24 Jan 15:50 (WAT+0100)
Postal Code: None
Latitude: 6.3654
Longitude: 2.4183
IP address41.86.234.165

Location of IP address
Lookup information about the location associated with the IP address

CityCotonou (49% confidence)
SubdivisionLimburg (LI) (49% confidence)
CountryBenin (BJ) (52% confidence)
ContinentAfrica (AF)
Time zoneAfrica/Porto-Novo

ASN and ISP for IP address
General traits like organisation, autonomous system number (ASN) and ISP associated with the IP address

ISPIsocel Sarl
OrganizationIsocel Telecom
User typeresidential
Autonomous system number (ASN)37090
Autonomous system organizationISOCEL

Anonymous proxy?No
Satellite provider?No

Registered and represented country
Details about the country in which the ISP has registered the IP address Furthermore, if available, the represented country. For instance, the country represented by an overseas military base or embassy.

Registered countryBenin (BJ)
Represented countryNot Provided

Location on the map for IP address
The latitude and longitude of the location associated with the IP address In addition, the map is loaded with the circle of accuracy arround the pointer of the location for IP

Radius999 km