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Zitat:male - 52 years, Accra, Ghana

Young Gold./Ghana Ltd.
# P.O Box MD Madina ,Accra
Liberia/Ghana , West Africa.
Email :- {}
We are a private Local mining company based in the
Republic of Ghana. We are looking for a serious buyer
who is ready and willing to partner with Us in a long
term business relationship to enable us to expand our
A.U Gold Mines.

At the moment, we are in a position of 350 kgs of
A.U.Gold Dust which we can sell at a reasonable cost
of $42,500.00/kg.But most importantly, we would like
our buyer to visit and have a look at our site,
negotiate and enter into an Agreement with us for
shipment & delivery.

Our registration certificate and other relevant
documents are subject for confirmation without

We normally collect our money after the final assay of the goods that is when
the buyer can come down to Ghana, and take care of the shipping to the destination as far as buyer will agree with our banking procedure.
As soon as we hear from you, we shall reply you with
our Full Corporate Offer (F.C.O).Hoping to hear from

Best regards,
Nelson Young P.

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