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UID 170996
Full Name Oksana Bivenko
Birth Year 1985
City Lugansk
Country Ukraine
Sex Woman

Hello! How are you? As you can see I am a cute girl from WESTERN part of Ukraine. My name is Oksana. I know that I attract men’s attention, but I am still alone. Not so long ago I have graduated from university and recently I started to live by my own. It is not easy but I don’t want to live with my parents, so I rent a small flat together with my FRIEND MARIA. I would prefer to live only by myself but for now it is very expensive for me.

[Bild: 170996_b_89403487636368643782.jpg]

Die hübsche Dame heißt im realen Leben Anna Isaeva / Анна Исаева
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Anzhelika Ermalaeva
(27.11.2012 19:26)Geist schrieb: [ -> ]Oder vielleicht auch:

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Anzhelika Ermalaeva

Das könnten auch Fakeprofile sein. Ein Modell mit dem Namen Anna Isaeva / Анна Исаева gibt es jedenfalls.

Außerdem sind das VK und Profil offizielle, also bestätigte Profile.