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UID 140543
Full Name Anna
Birth Year 1983
City Minsk
Country Belarus
Sex Woman

I appreciate decence and honesty.

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Hello! I can speak English .
2012-11-22 17:49:56

Yes,we can communicate! I am living in Northern Cyprus for 4 years already,and I am working in my aunts business.I have been to Italy,Praha.I live Italy!!! I never been to Germany.I think Germany and Austria are one of the best countries.
2012-11-22 18:45:46

In Prague,sorry...
2012-11-22 18:52:10

Good morning!
But Norther Cuprys it`s a very special country))) From yesterday evening something like 15-16 p.m till this moment we still haven`t got electric because of rain! I am sorry,but I hate this country.
Now I have to pray to God for electric will come back)))
2012-11-23 07:57:29

Anna is an energetic, sensitive and determined 25-year-old Belarus girl

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Zitat:City Minsk
Country Belarus
I am living in Northern Cyprus for 4 years already
.I live Italy!!!
In Prague,sorry...
2012-11-22 18:52:10